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Asia's Largest Community of Makers

A forum for Makers, Creators, DIY enthusiasts and Hobbyists who identify with the Global Maker Movement, Makerspaces, FabLabs and other avenues of Open Source Creativity! We work in conjunction with local area Makerspaces that support the unequivocal motto of “Making and Doing” – places that allow us to freely pitch our ideas and see them take shape

What We Do

We create Pop-up Makerspaces in various urban settings. It could be your office, your school, your home, anywhere you want to enable creativity and innovation.

Electronics, IoT and Robotics Workshops. We conduct some of Bangalore’s best informal workshops on Emerging Technologies. Contact us if you want to attend one of our weekly workshops.

3D Printing and Digital Fabrication. We work with local area manufacturers to design and fabricate bespoke creations. Let us know if you have a “Maker” project you’d like to get our help on!

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